About Cornerstone Management Group

Your Baton Rouge Rental Property Management Company

Who We Are

At Cornerstone Management Group, we are a management company made up of real estate professionals who look forward to leveraging our collective knowledge and experience to bring our clients the highest possible return on their investments.

Owning over 50 rental units between the three partners, we approach property management with an owner’s mindset, and we leverage technology to ensure your assets are properly maintained to maximize your long-term returns.

Our Team


Nathan McBride

Nathan McBride has lived in Baton Rouge since 2013 and has been investing in real estate as a principal since 2017. 

Earlier in his investing career, a poor experience with a property manager left him searching for a better, more efficient way to approach property management.  This led him to form Cornerstone alongside Trey in 2021.

Nathan lives in the Garden District with his wife, Sally (who is also real estate agent), and three sons. 

He looks forward to putting his real-world management experience to work and maximizing clients’ returns.


Trey Willard

For the past decade or so, Trey Willard has been a noteworthy leader in the Real Estate Community. As CEO of The W Group, Trey keeps his team of agents and admin growth-oriented by holding them to a high level of accountability while providing them with the support, training, systems and processes necessary for success. 

Trey’s expertise has afforded him the opportunity to mentor agents across the country through the Tom Ferry Coaching Program.

Trey lives in Baton Rouge with his wife, Whitney.

He looks forward to helping clients realize their investment goals.

Sponsoring Broker

Shannon Meyer

Shannon Meyer joined Cornerstone in 2023 as our sponsoring broker.

Why Cornerstone is different

By leveraging technology, we offer a superior level of service to our clients and residents, while maintaining competitive pricing.

As investors and property owners ourselves, we know what it takes to successfully manage a property and maximize long-term value, and we take an owner’s mindset with all the properties we manage. This boils down to a simple objective: keep properties maintained and rented to qualified residents.

It all starts with leasing. We take an all-in approach to marketing our listings – we want our listings to be seen by as many prospective residents as possible, as quickly as possible. No low-light cellphone listing photos; we invest in professional photography for each and every one of our listings. And we market those listings on all the major real estate platforms and on social media.

This greatly increases our chances of quickly finding a qualified tenant for your property. Applicants must then pass our rigorous screening process to ensure they are who they say they are and that they will be able to pay their rent on time each and every month.

Once residents have moved in, we do our best to keep them happy through responsiveness and customer service because happy tenants tend to stick around, saving you on vacancy and leasing fees.

Ultimately, we strive to make your real estate investing experience as stress free and hands-off as possible. This includes handling all tenant communications and coordinating maintenance work. We do what it takes to make your investment a success and not a drain on your time.

Give us a call today to reclaim your free time.